Sunday, December 04, 2005

Meet the Smith's and Soyka's

Almost two months ago, we made our most recent trip to Las Vegas. A big thank you the the Stardust Hotel (nice hotel, just didn't realize exactly how long the strip was) for our second official celebrity sighting, Rip Taylor. And not only did we see him once, but twice, the only time I have known my dad to not just go up an talk with someone. The first sighting was at the airport on the way home last Thanksgiving. As we were walking through the airport I noticed a fellow that look familiar, turns out it was the lead singer for Smashmouth (just like then, I still can't think of his name). He was sitting talking with two other guys, we sat down and listened for a little bit. He seemed like a real down to earth, enjoyable guy. Flat Stanley, however, was a bit nervous and couldn't muster up the courage to ask for a picture.
This past trip we met up with my brother and his new wife, my sister and her husband, and my mom and dad. The last night in town we were headed down to Freemont Street (for those of you who haven't been, the older section of Vegas, a much better trip if made at night) and we got to ride in style. The first and probably last time I will ever be in a Limo, and an Excursion Limo at that (and just think, we thought Mom's Excursion was huge!). We had no trouble fitting in, and I believe about eight more of us could have fit as well. I would suggest to eat dinner before going down to Freemont Street though, we ate at a buffet, that my dad classified as "the worst buffet he has ever eaten at". Wanda highly recommends the $.99 shrimp cocktails, at a hotel I can't remember right now. I recommend a visit to the Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino. In the mid-afternoon times they have lounge acts. One is Big Elvis (very good voice), and the other one we have seen is Dean Martin (very entertaining). We saw his show twice this summer. It has the older feel of Freemont Street, but is located in the middle of the Strip. We have found that the shows are great as well. Wanda recommends the Queen musical "We Will Rock You" at the Paris Hotel, I prefer "Mamma Mia" at Mandalay Bay. Enough about my trips though.
This will be my last post for a while, my mom will be proud. As listed in the profile, I am working on being a CPA. I have wasted enough time now, and with the pending adoption it is time to get my self in gear. Studying and preparation will involve most of my time for the next little while. Perhaps I will be able to add a few lines here and there to keep my mom informed of my progress.
As my dad once said maybe you'll find that chick with long legs who will agree with everything you say (hahahahaha). And Kelley, we will include your "Robert" story in a future post, just remember I warned you before you went.

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