Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Decorating Finally Completed!!

Okay, so the picture is not so good but it does give you an idea. With the HELP (yes, help) from my dear husband, we finished decorating the house tonight the way I have envisioned it to be. While I was on top of the roof catching plastic hooks because I didn't bring enough in my pockets before I crawled on the roof, I decided that maybe I could even be on Survivor ... you know, I did conquer my fear of heights by being up there... only because I just knew he would catch me if I fell down).

Geoff even bought me some "deer" that light up. It looks so nice outside. The only thing is, if we leave the lights on during the night, poor ole' Sable doesn't sleep through the night anymore. I guess the whole place being lit up confuses her.

I failed to mention that Lexi has 4 presents under our tree (3 from Santa... aka Geoff, and one from Sara and Chris). I have one so far and there is one for my parents. We are shipping presents to most out of town relatives because we are not able to come up this Christmas. I can't wait for the blessing we will experience in the coming year.

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