Friday, December 23, 2005

Check! One more task down.

We went back to the photographer that did our passport photos today and got the necessary 5 extra photos that will be sent along with the dossier. I am determined that once the I600 form comes in, we will be ready to start sending the documents here and there. Earlier in the week, I went to the CWA forum and posted a question to those from Georgia about how long it took for them to hear from USCIS. One woman wrote me back and said that it was just under a month. So I'm thinking that we should have ours early in January. I am allowing for holidays to slow things down a bit but I think that we should definitely be able to have the dossier on its way to China by the end of January. That's my plan... We'll see if the "powers" that matter also see it that way.

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