Sunday, December 11, 2005

FBI Fingerprints... check!

Well, we made it!! We got the FBI fingerprints completed last Friday. You know I had this picture in my mind of how things would go but I was totally off-base! I thought we would go downtown Atlanta and walk up to a huge skyscraper building with an FBI emblem out front. We even brought our camera to take a picture. Well... NOT. It ended up being a beat up old building with a paper sign out front that said, "Immigration help". We were there roughly one hour and 20 minutes. In that time frame, I showed 3 different people my fingers to prove that I had no cuts on my hands. The man who did my prints told me that within 15 minutes the FBI would have my prints and that then within 2 hours I would be approved or not. So I have new hope that the I600 form will come back sooner than I thought. After we left, we went to the Mall of Georgia and did some Christmas shopping. Then finally met up with Samantha and Dan.
On Saturday, Samantha and I went scrapbook shopping! Whew! They have so many cool places to buy scrapbooking supplies in Atlanta. Now I am anxious to go back and do some scrapbooking with Samantha because she is the master scrapbooker! Dan and Geoff went to watch his cousin, Chris, play in a basketball tournament. Then later that evening, we had dinner with Neaners and Charlie. It was so nice to see them.
I couldn't convince Geoff to go do more shopping before we came home so when we did get home we began working on fixing the lights on the house. Of course by this time, he was wishing we had gone shopping instead!

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