Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas break is here!

Today was the last day of school for the kids for the holidays. One of my very special students from last year stopped by with his mom. He was funny about my room being so different. I have tables set up for when I teach the teachers and most of my "cute kidsy" stuff is now on my friend Susan's wall instead of mine. He said, "you know even though the room is not warm and cozy like it was last year, I still have warm and cozy memories of second grade". Melt my heart! That's what I miss about teaching students.

I've got tons to do over the break. Number one... work on the dissertation!! I'm also hoping to spend some time with one of the girls at work to make the cards to send out to everyone for the quilt project. One of the ladies at church has been working on the design for me and until she is finished, I won't know what size material to ask for. And it wouldn't be the holidays if I didn't do some holiday baking. So looks like my next two weeks are full!

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