Tuesday, June 27, 2006

120 Days Down and Quilting!

Take a look at the counter. Today marks the 4th month of officially WAITING!! That's 120 days down, approximately 240 to go until referral (with the current timeline... but still hoping for a speed up). As much as I hate the waiting, I'll admit we ARE at least making some progress... Albeit SLOWLY!

Mom and I went to a quilting store today in St. Simons (The Stepping Stone) to pick out the fabric that will go in between the squares that she has been making and the pattern along on the sides. They had TONS of fabric!! You might ask how long it took to pick out 3 different fabrics??? Let's just say... about one hour per pattern! We must have touched every single bolt of fabric in the store! The words for today are, "Well, What do YOU think??" I wanted this work of art to be extra special for Lexi but also I wanted it to be extra special for my Mom. She is afterall putting in all the hours and hard work. Well, after hours of mixing and matching, and remixing and matching a nice lady came over to see what we were doing. Keep in mind this quilt store is in a fairly remote area and not on the beaten path so beside us, we only saw one other shopper. The other ladies were there quilting together. She comes over and asks us about the quilt. When we told her what a difficult time we were having, she offered up her friend who is the "color expert" of the group. Within 15 minutes this woman had us straight and ready to check out! Imagine that! I still wouldn't have it any other way though. I've got a great story to tell Lexi about her quilt and she'll know how much time and care her Grandmother took to make her the absolute PERFECT quilt. One of these days I'm going to make some pages for her Good Wishes book that tell about the making of the quilt and today's journey will certainly include the words "Well, What do YOU think??"

The green will be used to frame the squares, then the yellow will provide a border and the pink gingham will be used as a frame and piping. It's going to be so beautiful!

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Shannon S said...

Oooh, I love the colors!! You know, some people just have the knack for envisioning the final product and putting all the colors together. My mom is like that...guess who I'm dragging along to pick out my borders etc.?! Keep us posted on Lexi's beautiful quilt!