Thursday, June 08, 2006

Postcards, bibs and Summer VACATION!!

Our DTC Yahoo Group has been doing a postcard exchange. Actually this is the 2nd one. I've enjoyed getting postcards from all over the place! Today we got one from Lisa and Brent from Virginia. It had the sweetest poem written on it so I decided to share.

I haven't met you yet or seen your face
but in my heart you hold a place.
My hopes grow with each passing day,
even though you're miles away.
I know you're there waiting for me,
as I am here waiting to see,
the child God has sent from above,
to make me a mother
and share my love.
K. Cooper
What a sweet poem! Reading it, you can just tell that it was written by someone waiting for a baby and it certainly sums up how I feel!
We also got another surprise in the mailbox! It was a bib from Kim in the January DTC Yahoo Group. We do all kinds of things to help pass the time. We've recently begun a monthly swap. This month is bibs. Socks are next.... it's fun packaging and sending things out to others. Today, we got this cute bib for Lexi! It's just adorable but I don't think it will match her Thing One outfit (will anything???)

Tomorrow is my L*A*S*T day before my summer break!! I'm actually taking some training from Intel this week as my last week so I'll be popping in next week to clear out for the year and move my things to my new room. But at least I can do that on MY own time, WHEN I want! I soooo need a break!! The big question is "how long will it take for me to start driving Geoff crazy because I'm off and he's still working???". He gets a bit nervous when I'm off because I clean every square inch of the house, which means I file.... throw out stuff... and CLEAN OFF HIS DRESSER!! Then I make it worse by constantly reminding him of all the repairs that need to be done around the house. That said... I'm still not feeling sorry for him. Where's the trash bags and dust cloths???

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