Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Opposites Attract

They say opposites attract... this is very evident in our marriage. Take this list of TV shows my dear hubby just LOVES to watch (for the moment anyhow)!

King of Cars (Chop, Chop! . . . "The Blue Genie!")
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Walker, Texas Ranger (I now know the theme song by heart...that's so sad!)
Hogan Knows Best (although he's losing interest in this)
Real World/Road Rules Challenge (Will those kids ever grow up and get a real job??)
Wrestling (oh, how I hate to admit that one!!)

Now my list...
Cold Case Files
City Confidential
American Justice
So You think You Can Dance
Close to Home

Geoff swears I watch all those crime dramas to plot how to murder him. Of course I need him around to help parent Lexi. *wink :-) *

In all fairness, these are the shows we agree on:
American Idol

Of course, we ONLY watch tv when all of our "homework" is done. And of course, I chose to blog this silliness because he's watching King of Cars right now... what else is there to do at 10:00??? I'll gladly turn this nonsense in for the opportunity to parent our child and be so worn out when she goes to bed that I'll turn in as soon as she is down for the night!

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Kim M. said...

Nice to see someone loves TV like me. I'm a mix of both list!!