Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nursery "Doodie"

Who would have EVER thought that by me teaching Sunday School, I could get some "training" for our upcoming potty training experience with Lexi?? Not me!! I have this one little guy who just will not let a Sunday go by without me having a "doodie" experience. I'm beginning to dread going now! I'm sure changing your own child is TOTALLY easier to do. This morning I even started asking him right away if he needed to go potty. The thing is, this is the child who didn't want to get his hands dirty with paint to make a handprint poem for his mom on Mother's Day but yet he doesn't mind the dirty diaper! Ugh... it's just ... augh!!!

We got double duty with kids this morning. After Sunday School, we were asked to assist with His Kids. This is our church's version of worship service for kids 3 to 5th Grade. Well, after it was over, Geoff's comment was .... no wonder we want a girl! The boys in his group were very "active" to put it nicely! I had some of the same problems myself. It's hard for me being a teacher because the teacher in me wants to come out as soon as they begin acting out. The others in the church though are more likely to "coax" them into behaving. I just tell them straight up. Of course while we were in there, we were snagged to help out for the entire month of July. Are WE NUTS OR WHAT?????

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