Monday, June 19, 2006

Catching Up!

You know, you never know how tied to the Internet you are until it messes up. I have been wanting to post but something has been wrong with our Internet the last couple of days. So now I find myself with a lot of things to post so if you are a reader of our blog, beware!

I need to send a big hug to our secret Pal! We got a package in the mail on Friday. It was my secret pal gifts for May and June. The theme for May was something for a new mom and June is Fun in the sun. I have to say my SP just outdid herself this month! She sent my favorite Victoria's Secret scent, "Love Spell". It had the body scrub, mist, and lotion in a cute little carry bag. I was almost out of my Love Spell stash, so it was perfect timing!

And for Fun in the Sun, she picked out the most adorable little swimsuit with matching shoes, hair bow, and sunglasses. It's even from Gymboree which of course is Geoff's favorite baby store. She topped of an already super nice gift with a sand bucket full of baby sunscreens! What a wonderful treat! I hope our SP reads our blog so that she will certainly know how awesomely thoughtful I think she is! I can't wait to take Lexi to the beach for the first time in this cute little swimsuit!

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