Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's RETIRE May!

Is it Thursday already??? It's amazing to me how fast the "speed of life" can be at times and at others how it can just c.. r.. a.. w..l! The month of May has not been slow for me, not one bit! Now that June is here, I only hope that things will slow down. I haven't even had time to work on the Big "D" even after my advisor called and we simplified my study! I even now have ALL of the data I need to finish the thing!! But I do need to have some uninterrupted time to work on it. My sister called today to tell me that my niece is on the look out for a post of her wish "scrapbooked". I wish it was done but the reality is that I have PLENTY of time to get it done before Lexi comes and scrapbooking is on the list of things to do AFTER I get what I HAVE to do complete. Today I had so called "Train the Mentor" training in our county. Keeping in mind that I have spent the last year training teachers.... this training just totally stunk! We basically spent the morning reading from a manual that I could read on my own. Not only that, the material we were reading was all about best practices in teaching, which because I have proven to use these practices I was chosen to take the training. THIS is one of the reasons I think Education is in trouble in America. We WASTE so much time on training and talking about what should be done to the people who do it already. I'm supposed to redeliver my training (3 days worth) to Mentors of new teachers, who will then "mentor" a new teacher next year. Sooooo.... the big question is why do I need training to oversee someone that I have to train when they could be sitting in the training right now along side of me??? And the waste of money!!! I'll be paid to oversee the mentors. Does anyone see the absurdness of this besides me??

And while I'm complaining..... I will probably get "in trouble" because I did not return from lunch today. I had prior approval from one of the "head honchos" to attend a luncheon for my current supervisor. She is retiring this summer after over 30 years of awesome service. Well, when I arrived at training today and spoke to the "other honcho" she was mortified that I would not be there for every single second!! I mean, goodness knows I can't read the manual being read to us myself!! Well, lunch lasted longer and I just didn't go back. I had the feeling that honoring this woman that has done so much for our school system and for me personally was more important. There are times in our lives when we do have to "stop the speed of life" and look at what is important. This was one of them.

And I guess now that I've vented my frustrations, I step off my soap box and quietly wait for June 9th to come when I can spend some time catching up on things like the dissertation and driving my hubby crazy cleaning out every closet in the house yet AGAIN! (Quietly you say? Well, yes!! I pinky swear!... well maybe!!)

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