Monday, June 12, 2006

First day of Summer Vacation!!

So today was my VERY FIRST WEEKDAY OF SUMMER VACATION... I still couldn't sleep as late as I would have liked. I had to get up and take poor little Sable to the vet. (For those of you with a week stomach... stop reading here!!) Last night she had ruptured an anal gland... not too comfortable I'm told. After some investigating on the internet, I figured out what was going on but they used the words... extremely painful, expensive, and DANGEROUS. So I made sure I took her in first thing this morning. She's fine. They put them on antibiotics for safety purposes. In reality dogs seem to know what is best for them. (We were mortified when she "scooted" on the concrete patio.) Poor baby.... She also has the beginnings of cataracts. At this point, you can't convince me that babies are more expensive than Sable. If it can happen to a dog... it will happen to her. She has canine epilepsy, eyes fixed, been "fixed", had knee problems, and now this. She has been our "baby" for almost 8 years now. Next week, we will celebrate our 7th anniversary. The next day Sable will be 8 years old. The day of our wedding, we came back to the house to change to leave for the honeymoon. The ONLY picture we took here was of us with Sable with Geoff in his tux and me in my wedding dress. It is still my favorite of all our wedding pictures. I guess this is evidence that we really DO need a baby to spoil.
On another note, the (probably) LAST piece of fabric for Lexi Jayne's Quilt is IN THE MAIL. Somehow, our sweet daughter sent a postcard to her dear Great Aunt Neaners and Uncle Charlie telling them that her quilt would not be complete without their fabric. (The end of May was our cut-off for fabric as Mom is anxious to finish the quilt). Lexi is already showing the family sense of humor as her post card was a picture of the University of Ga. knowing that her Uncle Charlie is an alumni of Ga. Tech. We got a call from Neaners today saying that the fabric was in the mail and turns out their little "Auggie Doggie" can relate to Sable's little problem. :)
With today being the first official day of my summer vacation... I still found myself bored after the vet visit. Poor Geoff.... poor, poor Geoff. He lives for the days of year round school. I checked the mail, weeded out the stupid stuff, and had questions about some of it (like the donation to the Humane Society... aren't our own vet bills proof enough of our caring for animals??) By the end of the week, he'll be begging for me go find a part time job!!
The latest in our "Waiting for Lexi Saga" is planning one more adult trip before she arrives. We are planning a trip to Vegas the week of Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband, John. Afterall, we won't be taking her there. It will give us one more thing to look forward to and if we're wise, we can use the stipend that I will be getting for extra training as our ticket there. We're going back to VEGAS BABY!!!

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