Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Slow Summer Days...

I guess anyone who reads my blog can tell that I have too much time on my hands these days. I'm really trying to stay busy but still find myself feeling a bit lazy too. I rationalize that sleeping late is a luxury that I don't normally have... so why NOT sleep in. I'm sure I'll get past my lazy days of summer soon. I need to go to work and move my personal items to my new room (the computer lab!!) and do some planning for next year. But right now, that just seems like a big CHORE! This morning, I went and had my hair highlighted, had lunch with Geoff and then came home. I browsed through my cook books and settled on two new recipes to try and ran out to get everything I needed. Now after finishing dinner.... I have to say it was DELICIOUS!! We had Garlic Shrimp, lemon buttered new potatoes, toasted French bread and garden salad. Yum!!! Both of the recipes were from one of my Southern Living cookbooks. The Garlic shrimp was cooked in a sauce that was just delicious as a dipping sauce for the bread. This meal is a keeper! Geoff thinks he's got a gourmet wife and is loving every moment of me trying out new recipes. So wonder what's next??? We shall see!!

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Lisa and Tate said...

I love days like that!!! Sleep in... eating lunch out... recipes and actually making a great meal!!! LOVE IT!!! Hmmmmmm... maybe I should do that tomorrow!!! I do have a day off of work!!! Yippee!!!