Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy Saturday

This morning I had to get up and get a move on as opposed to our usual slow start Saturday. Carolyn and I went to Christmas Made in the South in Savannah today and then Geoff and Lexi came and got me in the afternoon so that we could take Lexi to the Savannah Children's Book Festival.

Christmas Made in the South was really fun! Carolyn and I had fun looking at all the treasures. We found one really great bow booth and I picked up some new bows for Lexi.

And this really cute wall hanging that I can put Lexi's picture in. I loved this booth!

Once we got to the Book Festival, we wandered around and found the Autograph Tent. Gracious! We went especially to get Lexi's copy of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" signed. The line was long! We waited FOREVER!!! No kidding we waited a little over an hour and a half! We finally met Laura Numeroff and got the book signed and then by then it was over! So on the way back to the car we came across a woman who told us that she had just unlocked the Fragrant Garden for the Blind. I've never heard of this part of Forsythe Park. It was nice and the roses were the most fragrant I have ever smelled. Lexi liked them too.

It's amazing how a drink with a straw can do to ease an impatient child!

We certainly enjoyed our afternoon with our precious little girl!

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Tracy said...

That does look like fun.... much better than our trip to Sav just for the doctor!! You know I'm extremely jealous of the bows!! :)