Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Double Doodie?

If you follow our blog, you know we lost Patches a few months back. Every since then I've been more attentive to Sable wishing I had done more with Patches. Well, after my trip last week, mom told me that she suspected Sable was deaf after she came to let her out one day. I was shocked and in disbelief until I began to watch her more closely and now we can plainly see it. Our dog cannot hear what seems at all! She otherwise acts normal although she has been having more frequent seizures lately (she's always had these). I've been watching and she reacts to movement, not sound. People can ring the door bell, knock on the door, drive up and nothing. I know she's getting older but it's hard to watch. Mom did remind me that at least she can see. I can certainly see how lack of sight would be worse than lack of hearing. Well, Lexi just loves to play with her but now I have a new worry that she will not hear Lexi sneak up on her and will react and accidentally hurt her. I guess we'll be more diligent in looking out after both of them for now.
Lexi trying to give Sable some sugar (with prompting of course!).
Lexi putting Sable's toy out of reach! (NO Prompting!) She loves to pick on Sable!

So this afternoon when I arrived home to find Sable poop on the hardwood floor in the middle of the living room (apparently Sable had a seizure today and when she does she looses bowel control) I tried my best to just go with it. My biggest problem was keeping Lexi out of the way while cleaning it up and then as I did this Sable ran out the front door that I left open. I then realize, I can't call her. She can't hear me! So I grabbed the leash and the baby and once Sable saw us, she came to us thinking we were going on a walk (NOT). We came back inside and I began cleaning up again as Lexi played with the sanitary wipe container. She was pretty happy with this. But as I was cleaning up the mess... I heard Lexi Jayne... she was making her own poop! Thanks Lj! Just what a tired, stuffy nose (thank goodness I couldn't smell at this point!) and just ready to relax Mommy needed right? Awwww "NO-WAY", instead I got double "doodie". I cleaned the floor, then Lexi and then back to the floor to make sure it was all up and then I cleaned it again (3 times should do it right??)

So when is Daddy coming home???? And what is for dinner??? I just don't think cooking a big meal is in the cards for tonight!


mhsands said...

Okay, it certainly is funny over here (but I'm sure not so much over there)!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Melissa... just "feeling" the love... feeling the love! LOL!

Tracy said...

I was feeling your afternoon!!