Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mommy's still learning at the Tech Conference

This was the highlight of the day! Lexi and Geoff on Skype! I had another long day at the tech conference. I was "okay" with the first session this morning but then then things started rolling in the second and then by lunch, my head was spinning with new things I've learned. The problem is not just seeing the new stuff but learning it! I've got so many resources to pick through it is not funny! But to come back to this little face after a long day is AWESOME! She wasn't really all that interested in doing anything but pushing buttons but she would stop and sign and say "Mama" and blow me kisses from time to time. The funniest thing was when I called her a little "booger". She cracked me and Stacey (my hotel roommate) up when she VERY CLEARLY repeated it very loudly! She is certainly beginning to pick up on her speech!

So after finishing with Skype, I took one of the pictures I snapped while talking and cartoonized it on just for fun. I guess you can tell by the huge banner that I used the freebie version!
Anyhow, tomorrow we leave around lunch to come home. As Stacey would say "bless our bones" we finally get to go home to some extra special loved ones!

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