Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting to know more family!

I did not get a chance to post last night even though I tried. We took Lexi to Aunt Neaners and Uncle Charlie's house for dinner. We had a really nice time. Geoff's parents showed up for a little while and Lexi was in adult heaven with 6 adults at her beck and call. It was fun to watch but we paid for it later on. Once we got her home, she was asleep in the car. I managed to get her to bed still asleep and then about 20 minutes later she awoke.... and I ran upstairs to her. About 2 1/2 hours later we finally had her down for the night. It never ceases to amaze me how easily we can upset her routine. I can't bare to let her cry it out in a strange place so we patiently just rocked and rocked! (Thank YOU Nanny for letting us borrow a rocking chair!!)

At Neaner's and Charlie's it was fun to watch Lexi. They really had no toys but it didn't matter. They had a box of restaurant coasters that Lexi loved playing with. Lexi reminded me of how she is with my mom with Grandpa Jake. If GP Jake will eat it so can she. And then with Uncle Charlie she reminded me of Lexi with my Dad. She cleaned out his pockets and had the best time! I really wish we could see Neaners and Charlie more often. Lexi took to them like crazy cakes. It's just ashame that it takes so little to upset her routine.

Lexi eating Grandpa Jake's Pizza!

Lexi charming Uncle Charlie!

AND Aunt Neaners!

Today we didn't do much either. We awoke with LJ and had breakfast. We found a place in Manassas called "House of Bounce". They had an open session from 10:30 until 12:00. We decided to take Lj since the only other thing planned for today was supper with Nanny and Maggie. I'll post pictures later b/c I have yet to download them. As soon as we got there a man walked over to us and told us she was too young for it. Well, he didn't know our Lexi. She loved it! She bounced and bounced with the oldest of them. She wore her mommy and daddy out! But she had a GREAT time! Once we returned home and ate lunch Lexi and I took a nap.

Then we went to Nanny and Maggies. Lexi loves them both very much and did a good job eating. Dinner was delicious and we enjoyed our visit. I'm so happy Lexi is getting to spend some time with her Great-Grandma Nanny and our dear Maggie.

We have one more night before going home. We are looking forward to getting Lexi back to her normal schedule even though we have so much enjoyed sharing our precious daughter with others.

Yesterday was Aunt Kelley's birthday. I wish I had taken a picture of them but we were all busy. We'll be sure to get one before we leave. Lexi has taken quite nicely to Uncle Mike and Aunt Kelley and they have been wonderful hosts making us feel totally at home.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are not sure how the day will go. Geoff's nephew that is living with his parents along with Geoff's mom, dad and Sis in law and new baby have been busy with Nicholas who has had a stomach bug. If it has not passed I guess we will keep Lj away as they have done all week. He has no fever or other symptoms but the dr. says it is viral and will have to run its course. I have no idea if it is contagious or not. So we shall see what Thanksgiving holds. We have looked forward to having Thanksgiving with Lexi for the last three years. It will be disappointing if we can't go but what else can we do? We can only do what we can do. Life if life and sometimes it does not meet our expectations. However, the most important thing in OUR lives is that as of YESTERDAY (10 months ago in China) we saw our beautiful daughter's face for the first time. I remember my heart skipping a more than one beat and the overwhelming feeling that she was REAL! Not every second has been easy but I wouldn't trade it for one second of anything!

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mhsands said...

Our doctor kept stressing routine, routine, routine... it didn't take us long to realize why!

Carolyn Smiley said...


I am thankful for......
1. Family - ours is incomplete without y'all here.
2. Friends - I have a great circle of true, honest friends who are always there when needed.
3. Military - they are what makes this country great and gives us the freedoms we all enjoy.
4. Adoption - without it we wouldn't have our brother Richard, my daughter Brittney and yours and Geoffs' daughter LEXI!
5. God - without him none of this would be possible.
We have been so blessed to have been raised with God fearing parents and all the love humanly possible. We may not have had all the things we as kids thought we needed but we had everything we as adults now know we needed. Mom and Dad raised us up better than anyone I know. We have a true appreciation for faith and family and that IS what's most important on a day like today. I feel so fortunate to have Geoff as a brother-in-law. He is truly one in a million! He is FAMILY! He makes you happy and his love for you is obvious. He is like one of us - his love for Lexi sets no boundaries. Unfortunately there are people that can't see beyond biology, color or culture. Our family definately isn't like that. We have a muli-cultural family!!! I love you both and especially Lexi and hope this Thanksgiving 1st with her will be all that you had hoped for. Happy Thanksgiving Sis:)