Monday, November 23, 2009

Trip Update

It's been hard to post. I thought I would be posting pictures daily but we are staying busy with family and Lexi so when I do get down time, I really just want to chill-out!

The airplane trip was "fun". We flew on a a small United Express plane. It was booked solid and we began the trip in separate rows but a nice gentlemen from the Georgetown Basketball team moved. The whole team was flying back after a game in Savannah. Just let me say I've never seen so many tall men in one place! The poor players had to practically bend to their waists to walk to their seats! Lexi was a bit hyper on the way up and flipped and flopped until the plane began to move and then she started to settle down. Once in the air Geoff gave her a itouch iPod and a head set and she started to watch "Elmo in Grouchland". It was so cute watching this little baby with all that technology. Often she would touch a button and loose the movie and then she was yell "Ut-oh!" really loud not realizing that the headphones muffled her hearing. Once we landed she was ready to move on!

We went to the restroom for a diaper change. As I was washing Lexi's hands, her Grandma snuck in and surprised us! Lexi was a bit leary at first of Grandma and Grandpa but it wasn't long before she started warming up. She hasn't seen them since August so it took a few minutes but Grandpa Jake is great at making her smile!

We arrived at Mike and Kelley's and started to settle in for the night. It was about 9:30 before we got here. They have a very nice 3 story home so Lexi is very curious about the stairs and she is making great friends with ANYONE who will indulge letting her climb them.
Getting Lexi to sleep wasn't too bad. Kelley borrowed a pack and play and high chair from friends so we were ready. The problem was keeping her asleep. It seemed that every time Lexi moved she realized she was not in her bed and woke up crying. We tried putting her in our bed. No such luck! Our girl is like the Tazmanian Devil flip flopping every which way. We have not had such a hard time with sleep with our girl but once since coming home from China so this was a surprise.

Last night was just a bit better but not much. I sure hope tonight will be better. We are not used to being woken up with her crying like this so much. Geoff has walked the floors with her both nights. I guess tonight is my turn.

Yesterday Geoff's Aunt Diane (Neaners) came over early to meet Lexi. She stayed several hours and Lexi took to her right away. Of course, Neaners taught her how to slide down the stairs on her bottom so now everyone is supposed to do this with her. Lexi read her Eric Carle "From Head to Toe" book to her complete with the motions. It was too cute. I've got to get this on video. Later, Grandma Diane and Grandpa Jake came over with toys! Of course Lexi loved that!

To get her down for a nap I took her for a walk in the stroller. It didn't take long so I brought her upstairs and napped with the Tazmanian Devil. She flipped and flopped from corner to corner of the bed for over two hours!

After Lexi's nap I took her outside and tried to get some leaf pictures of Lexi. Since we don't have 4 distinct seasons where we live in GA I have not found any places near us for leaf pictures. There are tons here. Of course getting a 22 month old to cooperate is a different story. I did get a few that I will scrapbook but for now here are some teasers as well as some others from our trip. I'll be redoing all of them in scrapbook form.

I'll continue our trip details later. I want to keep the blog up to date so Lexi can one day read about her first trip to VA.

Lexi and the leaves!

Lexi and Grandma Diane!

Lexi and Aunt Diane.

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