Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So lovable!

Last night went better than the previous two. Lexi slept better only waking once during the night. I had told Geoff I would get up with her last night since he had done it the past two nights. Our girl sure knows her mommy! LOL!

Anyhow, we hung around this morning for awhile and then got dressed and ready to go waste some time at the mall. We had planned to go to the DC zoo or a petting zoo with Lexi today but the weather had other plans. It's rainy and dreary here. This has not been the visit we had envisioned. We are on day three here and have not spent much time with family at all with the exception of Mike and Kelley. I guess that is just the way it happens. We are heading to Neaners this evening to spend some time with them. It's also Kelley's birthday so it will give them some alone time without us under foot. We did pick up Grandma Diane for a quick lunch and now we are letting Lexi nap. Speaking of naps... I think I'll go take one too. The weather's perfect for it!

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Carolyn Smiley said...

Sorry your visit isn't going as planned. I know you were excited about going to see everyone. We can't wait for you, Geoff and Lexi to come back home! Thanksgiving just won't be the same without y'all here. (Geoff I know you will miss the rutabagas!) Take care and give Lexi a kiss for me. Love you.