Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanxs- VayK-day -part 2

Okay so after the leaves yesterday, we took off to see Nanny and Maggie (Lexi's Great Grandmother and Maggie her long time house mate who is very dear to us all!) Lexi was a bit apprehensive at first but quickly warmed. Nanny reminded me of how my Mom is with her. Before we knew it she had drank 2 half-glasses of lemonade with Nanny in the kitchen. She was moving from Nanny and to Maggie and then back to Nanny over and over giving them kisses. Of course when the camera came out our LJ became shy. It was a sweet meeting!

Lexi and her Great Grandmother Nanny

Lexi and Auntie Maggie.... wearing an outfit they bought her to make sure she stays warm. She look fabulous in lavender.

Now today everyone went to work and we were left alone. We decided to head to a mall here in VA to take Lexi to see Santa. On the way in we walked through a Macy's and couldn't resist buying a few new outfits for her. Of course the sales lady told me that she knew right away that I didn't need fleece pj's for Lexi because I was obviously from the south. (whatever!... maybe it was the flip flops too! ) But we found this adorable outfit of Lj for Christmas (nevermind that we have 2 "Christmas" dresses already!) When we got to Santa, we changed her (no matching shoes or socks mind you! much less a BOW!) and off to Santa we went!

They called us and thus begun a new adventure. Had Santa let us in on HIS plans and HIS understanding of TODDLERS things may have gone more smoothly. But alas, I learn as I go. Lexi HATED Santa! But he pulled out his Polar Express book and began to read it to ME as we ignored her. Then when she settled down, they called her name, she looked up and "CLICK!" picture taken! Who knew they would cut me out as I slipped out of the picture and walked off... leaving her to FREAK OUT!!! Ahhh... but the magic of the professionals... we got a pretty good picture of a barefooted GA China-Peach with Santa!

So the package came with 25 Christmas cards so guess what??? I just ruined many people's Christmas card surprise from us! LOL! No worries though because those who know me KNOW that this is not the end.

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Carolyn Smiley said...

Hey! she is a true Ga girl now! No shoes!!!