Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just a little OCD??

Lexi cracks me up sometimes! She thrives off of routine and lately wehave noticed a few "quirks" in her personality. In the evenings when Geoff comes home she follows him to the bedroom when he changes and makes sure he puts his shoes in the right spot. In this picture, she added her shoes too. She does this at Mom's too. And since it's been coat wearing weather this week she has picked up that Mommy hangs her coat up so now her coat must be hung up as well. I hope these traits help later on and she will be the opposite of her sissy. When Sara was growing up, it was up to me to clean her room. I couldn't get her to organize anything! In fact, when she was older when it was time to clean her room I would pull the polycart up to her window and open it up and fill it by throwing her junk out the window!! So I guess a little more organization in Lexi would be great!

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