Monday, January 18, 2010

Hop on Pop!

Last night Lexi made up a new game which again reminded me of the Dr. Suess book “Hop on Pop!”. You can only imagine… poor Geoff. All I could do was laugh.


We were off of work today for MLK day. I took advantage of it and took Lj to get another hair cut. Her hair just seems to grow like the weeds in our backyard now days! She sure was full of herself today. When we got home I put her down for a nap. After she got up she didn’t want to put her pants back on. So I talked her into at least putting on a pair of warm tights. That pleased her and so began the wild night of independent and defiant Lexi. Sometimes bedtime doesn’t come fast enough! LOL!

IMG_3411Wildness ~ Lj doing her best to twist and turn to keep me from taking today’s picture!


Defiance ~ trying to climb up on the coffee table even as she was being told “NO”!

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