Sunday, January 10, 2010

365 Days of Photos Challenge

Melissa has encouraged me to try to do the 365 Days of Photos Challenge. I'm trying to as you can see am already struggling to keep up. Melissa is making her own pages while I'm just using a templete that I bought from All I have to do is take the pictures and drop them in on the right day. Easy enough right? Not so much! I'm going to try though. So for now I'm caught up. I'll post them as I finish the pages. I'm sure I'll be doing some layouts of my own from time to time too because sometimes there is more to tell and it's hard to choose from one photo per day! Like this one from today... I love this shirt! But Lj is becoming harder and harder to photograph. She runs from me or like today just wouldn't look at the camera. I can't wait until she likes something enough to bribe her with it... you know like, "Lexi, I'll give you a cookie if you say cheese!" For now, nothing works!

* Click on each picture to see it HUGE.


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