Sunday, January 24, 2010

More of the Night Before Two!

I’ve said before that I’ve planned like crazy for Lexi’s party.  Trying to think of how to relay all of it and the party seems overwhelming.  On Friday afternoon I worked for over an hour finishing the banner that Richard and I had been making.It took me forever to tie all those bows.  I finished though and was able to manage to tie them to the ceiling and the mantel all by myself. 


A close up…  I got this idea off the Internet.  I think I made mine MUCH bigger than the one you can buy… but it turned out AWESOME!  I’m sure the one you buy is worth the price considering how much time we put into it!


Then I decided to add some finishing touches to Lexi’s Birthday tree…. bows, garland made of pink and red hearts, white and pink bows, white and pink curly ribbon.  Then I had to wait for Carolyn to come over and help give a Birthday bear that sings “Happy Birthday” a bear make-over!  It was about 11:00 PM when she finished with the bear who then had a bow to match the one Carolyn had spent hours on to go with her birthday outfit as well as a bear “tutu” and a birthday sash.  I should have taken a before picture but this was the after…



After that I began decorating cookies… I was a bit disappointed in them.  I tired to take a short cut and use premade Wilton decorators icing when I should have made my own that seems to work better.


After Carolyn finished the bow, we turned to trying to make tissue paper hanging flowers… we are both pretty crafty people with each having their own strengths however, these things that many people say are EASY to make kicked our butts big time.  I ended up borrowing 3 from Tracy and had ONE that I managed to make half way decent.  I think the perfectionists in us made it more difficult.  At one point, Carolyn gave up and tossed hers across the room.  Major laughter followed and it was then we threw in the towel!  LOL! Next time I want hanging decorations… I will order Chinese paper lanterns!


I’ll blog about the ACTUAL party tomorrow. I’ve got hundreds of pictures so a slide show may follow but I want to write down some of the cute things she did and about how much we all enjoyed her party.  I couldn’t have turned out better.  She WAS “Tutu” Cute at Two!





Carolyn Smiley said...

It really was a great party and I enjoyed the preparations the night before.....with the exception of those dang tissue paper flowers!! I can not believe I couldn't make them! I think all those folks who say they are sooo easy are sooo lying!! I will pay for the lanterns myself before I will attempt them again!! Anyway it was a very memorable day. Happy Birthday Lexi.

Amy said...

Fabulous decorations!
Looks like it was quite a celebration!!
Tutu cute for sure!


Stephe said...

Yeah, I must try those paper flowers too!!!