Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Lexi TuTu Cute @ Two Birthday Party!

Sometimes I think I blog too much but then again, I don’t trust my memory and I’m such a proud Mommy I can’t help but share. 

On Saturday, we got Lexi up, had breakfast with her, bathed her and then took her to Mom’s.  We wanted her to have a calm day and get her nap in before her party. Plus this way she got to make a "Grand Entrance”!  I was able to finish decorations.  I had a friend at work make Lexi a small polka dot cake and we purchased cupcakes for everyone else from the Cupcake Emporium in Savannah.  My favorite ones were the lemon strawberry!  Mom made pink punch and I added frozen honeydew melon balls to make polka dots.  I also made some pork and vegetable pot stickers and egg rolls (from frozen of course!) and Geoff went out and picked up 4 different types of fried rice and two different kinds of Won Tons!  Everything was perfect awaiting for her arrival.




IMG_3468 The Grand Entrance! Once they drove up I just sat down on the driveway and started snapping pictures!


IMG_3484 IMG_3485


 We thought after all the practice blowing out candles it would be "piece of cake”! 


But this is what we got with a crowd!  LOL!  We ended up skipping the candles and cake and everyone just began the feast!


Opening presents was fun but interesting.  Lexi liked her first present from Aunt Carolyn so much that she really cared very little to open the others.  I had to do some helping. 


She opened and opened presents.  One of my favorites were matching Mommy/ Daughter bracelets that he purchased for “Orphaned No More”. 


She immediately loved her new tricycle that we bought her. 


Later after everyone left except Geoff’s parents, we tried the cake again.  I started with a cupcake and that was all it took.  She then blew out her candles on the cake and made a few polka dot fingerprints in it and one bite and that was that!  LOL!



Needless to say, it was an awesome day!  (Sorry for the long post! Slideshow will follow soon.)



Stephe said...

AWESOME photos, AWESOME party. Happy Birthday sweet LJ!!!!

Stephe said...

Love that FREAKIN banner. I ran out of year!!!

Donna said...

Adorable! Love the L on her bottom! Hee hee.... cutest!

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