Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Times

We’ve had a great weekend with Lexi. It began Friday with some fun outdoor play and then Saturday we had to stay indoors all day because it rained cats and dogs! Our backyard is now soaked and it will be at least a few days to dry out. Lexi and I played most of Saturday and pretty much got nothing accomplished. I did mix up some sugar cookies for her party on Saturday and today cut them out. Geoff took Sable to the groomer and then went to work. (Yikes! Tax Season!) She looks so much better! We didn’t shave her this time and are going to try to maintain a cocker cut. (wish me luck!)


l took tons of pictures yesterday and today! I can’t scrapbook them fast enough! Here’s a few favorites and a new page. IMG_3321 Running from getting ANOTHER pictures taken!


Playing hide and go seek! Who knew she could fit behind the entertainment center!

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mhsands said...

LoVe the peeking pic!