Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breaking Up is Hard to do!

Last year for my birthday Brennen gave me a frog.  A beautiful porcelain frog from Target!  He picked it out himself and as Sara and Brennen walked through Target he held it saying “quack, quack, quack!”.  LOL!  I thought the present was PERFECT and I loved it and the story that came with it but stories sometimes take on their own chapters and Mr. Frog soon did! Lexi she also fell in love with it and every since then Mr. Frog became part of our night time routine.  We would say Goodnight to all the pictures on the mantel and then we had to “KISS” Mr. Frog.  First Lexi kissed him and then she made us kiss him.  EVERY NIGHT!!  Then we would say Goodnight to our family portrait and head to the bedroom.  EVERY NIGHT! 

Well, Mr. Frog met his match when shortly before Christmas Lexi was introducing him to Nana and Papa.  She “accidentally” threw him on the floor and broke him. We were going to “repair” him but the next night she dropped him again and poor froggie has been coming apart every since (now we’ve been kissing him as well as his “boo-boos!”).   Last weekend Geoff thought he had found a replacement (a frog sitting next to a snow globe with a heart inside) but as soon as she picked it up, she dropped it and broke it!  Yikes!  So yesterday Lj and I went shopping and found the NEW Mr. Frog… a plush UNBREAKABLE frog that even has “kiss me” on his chest!

So today was THE day… the day for Mr. Frog #1 to go bye-bye!   I photographed the entire event.  Lexi is happy with New Mr. Frog and has just went to bed with him in tow.  (Good sign!)

When our little Lexi does meet her frog prince, I’ll just have to let him know that she kissed a lot of frogs to find him! 

Breaking Up is hard to do_

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