Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bedtime Routine

Tonight's’ post in honor of the oh so cute way Lj says “purple”!. 

Most parents learn one way or another that children crave routine and schedules.  We of course were blessed with a child who was used to routine.  We continued her routine and still try to keep it in tact to this day.  However, our own family touches come to light every day.

From day one, Geoff and I have taken turns in putting Lexi to bed.  We have felt as her parents that neither parent should get all the joy or the torture of bedtime.  Seasoned parents know that it can go either way and can change from one day to the next. But for us it gives us equal time holding her, singing to her and listening to her relax before her night’s rest.

Lately, I have begun to employ a childhood tradition that my parents instilled in me.  Prayer.  Mom has told me that they have been saying “Grace” with Lexi at mealtime and she now will bow her head and begin the prayer on her own with “God”.  So I’ve been doing the bedtime prayer I learned as a child with her when it is my turn to put her to bed.

Tonight is just an example of how the power of prayer begins early on.  Lexi was NOT thrilled that it was my turn to put her to bed.  She is missing her Daddy so much lately since he is now in tax season and really only has about a max of 1 hour with her before bedtime.  She tends to always want her Daddy when he is not around as much.  Well, after she got over the fact that it was MY turn we sat in the rocking chair and I began to sing to her.  (bless her poor ears!) Then I asked her if she wanted to say her prayers.  I’ve been doing this for a little over a week on my night.  She immediately sat up and said, “yes”.  So she held her little precious hands together and she bowed her head and we began… “now I lay me down to sleep…” Afterwards, she lay her head on my shoulder and relaxed and I could just feel the sweetness in her.  It’s like another affirmation of God’s blessings on our family. 

I have not talked with Geoff about this.  We both come from different family traditions and his is one we have not discussed. I do not know if he said bedtime prayers or if he prayed before meals.  I guess it’s time for US to get talking.  I guess once again seeing life through the eyes of a child gives way to conversations and new realizations of directions your life should go.  I remember as a family reading Bible stories with my family every night for a very long time.  We all still pray before meals and ask for God’s blessings.

Each day as I watch children in my school act out or even react to events around them in terrible ways, I see a BIG problem in our society.  The lack of family values results in the decline of our society as a whole.  I know that Geoff and I will raise Lexi as best we can to make sure she believes in God and has a strong sense of moral values.  I treasure my prayers with her and hope that she will always treasure it as well. 

This is not my typical post but one that just became so necessary as I put our little Lj to bed tonight.

And one last thing…

    Happy Birthday {Aunt Carolyn, Sister Carolyn, Sis in Law Carolyn}…. we love you!

And since I have not downloaded any new pictures tonight since yesterday, I have to leave you with another one from yesterday… It was too windy and cold to go out this afternoon but yesterday was awesome and we have many pictures to prove it! 


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Tracy said...

Love the post and I'm there with you! Colby has his nighttime prayer routine, and I need to get AC used to it as well. She says her own blessing if Colby isn't there to help her say the whole thing, "God is Great, Amen". These are strong 3 words, so when she says it, I just say, AMEN!