Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going Bananas

I was off of work today to take Lexi to the dentist. This was our second appointment as we are watching her teeth very closely. The dentist believes that she may have a genetic teeth disorder that causes the teeth to come in with missing enamel. Her first 6 teeth were fine but every one that has come in since is missing enamel. Everything was fine now but we really have to make sure her teeth get brushed a minimum of 2 times each day and now we are starting to floss. Imagine that! Flossing with soon to be 2 year old! She did pretty well tonight though.

This morning while I was making her egg, I gave her a banana. I haven’t done this in a while since Mom mostly feeds her breakfast and before I couldn’t get her to eat them. But this morning I learned that likes bananas (just like Nana said). I couldn’t help but watch her as she investigated the banana. It was so sweet and innocent. This is one thing about children that I love… they make you look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways. I remember being enthralled with Sara as a baby even as far as just watching her sleep or looking for what seems hours at the the swirls of hair on the crown of her head. I guess it’s been awhile. I have to say it’s a nice place to be to stop and take time to enjoy even the smallest things about Lexi. I know I’m 27 years older since Sara was born but somehow I think having Lexi at this age is awesome. I have so many more life experiences to pull from and I’m a more confident mother this time. While some people laugh and think I’m nuts for beginning all over again (essentially having 2 only children), I truly believe this was God’s path for me. So as I pondered these things this morning watching her with the banana… I did like I usually do and grabbed the camera!





Anonymous said...
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Mike and Rhonda said...

So sweet! But as you say, LJ is a perfect little subject.

Yes, it is great being an "older" mom at times. You appreciate things a little more.

Amy said...

As always...Lexi is so cute!
We have been through enamel problems with Sarah Ying as well...lots of crowns! Hope you have better dental insurance than we did! LOL!