Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Busy Morning Part 1: Blessings Around Me

What a day! I feel as if I have done 3 weeks worth of work in one day. When I left for the doctor's office this morning, I left a note to the FedEx man that if he couldn't leave our package on the front porch to please take it to Geoff's office. So when I came back, lo and behold it was HERE! Then it dawned on me 'what if something would have happened to all of our documents!!" Thank the Lord, he watches out for us! You know I went to the doctor to get him to write a letter about my blood pressure. So I get there and explain it to the nurse... the whole we tried IVF, I gained weight, now we're adopting, the previous doctor wrote high blood pressure on the form and now I need reassurance for the Chinese gov't. So here she goes taking my blood pressure. Then she says, let me get a different instrument (or what ever they call those blood pressure taking things). So I immediately begin to worry. I feel my heart begin to race a bit so I sit back and try to relax. Then she returns and tells me that the first reading was like 180 over something. So then I REALLY begin to stress out. I sit back and begin talking to myself about relaxing and try to put myself in a relaxing state of mind. I think of our trip to Mexico last March and remember how wonderful it felt to lay out on the beach in the chair under the umbrella... half my body in the sun being all warm and toasty and the other half being cool and crisp... the sound of the ocean and the music from the resort. Then in bursts another nurse (trying to rush the other nurse) and she pulls the bp thingy off the wall and takes my bp again. She gets 140 over 90. After she leaves the other nurse closes the door, tells me that she will not rush a reading because this is too important. (bless her caring heart) The third try reveals 128 over 84. Yea... anyone can deal with that. The doctor comes in and we talk and I explain the past 3 years to him ending with the adoption and the bp problem in the paperwork. No big deal!! He even suggests a few things to add to the letter about my bp being normal until the infertility treatment blah... blah... blah: good luck! So they are getting the letter ready for me and I should be able to pick it up tomorrow and mail it to Pam. That's when I go back home and find the FedEx package and begin part two a rather busy morning!

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