Wednesday, January 04, 2006

One step closer

Today Geoff mailed the notarized documents to the dossier consultant along with a check for her services but more still all of the charges from the different organizations who get their two cents worth. It's totally amazing to me how we can get an authentic document from a state but yet it still has to be authenticated. It's almost as if they want you to jump through as many hoops as possible to prove you are fit. It's too bad that so many young women in the U.S. do not have to go such extreme circumstances to have their children.

Amazingly, as you grow older you tend to learn more things (In fact, suddenly you parents seem so much smarter). Today, as I talked to some good friends about Sara, I realized that you never outgrow the proud feelings you have of your child and that as they outgrow one stage you eagerly await the next stage. I can remember thinking that when Sara was ready to go to school I thought the hardest point was over. No such luck. As she grew older I didn't so much care about the little things. . . like the time my Daddy let her dress herself for school after I went to college classes to find out later that my child had chosen stocking WITH socks for school that day. But as she grew older, I wanted her to learn from my mistakes only to learn that no amount of talking to her of my mistakes would help her from making HER mistakes. I still thought that once she was out of school, I could easily focus on my life and do whatever I wanted. This didn't happen because once again, I was consumed with her life and wanted to be there to enjoy it with her. And here this week as she went through the ordeal of losing her first child, there is nothing in the world that could have stopped me from taking that burden from her if I could have done so. I eagerly await the time in the future that I will become a grandmother and that Sara's sister... mine and Geoff's child will be here to share the world with her niece. Life sometimes throws us curve balls and we can either catch it and run with it or we can hit the ground and eat dust. I know that we are in for some really great times together... all of us. And the journey to Lexi and Sara and Chris' little one will only make us stronger and more appreciative of the blessings that we all share.

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