Friday, January 13, 2006

More Progress!

We got this last night. (SOS is the Secretary of State)

I just tracked the homestudy and it arrived at the GA SOS this morning. I'll probably get it back on Monday and can then send all the GA docs to the Houston Chinese Consulate.
Pam E.

This today.

Great news!!!! The SC doc just arrived. It will go out this afternoon with the VA doc to the Washington DC courier who will walk both of them thru the US State Dept and then over to the Washington DC Consulate. This is going so much more quickly than I had anticipated!!!!!!!
Pam E.

and also this.

Hi Wanda,

I just remembered that Monday is a holiday so all state offices and the China Embassies will be closed for business. This means your DC docs won't get walked in until Tues.
Pam E.

Yea!! This is great news! Time just seems to be flying. That completed dossier is getting closer and closer!!

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