Monday, January 16, 2006


I kind of made a mess last weekend in the garage. I had asked Geoff at the beginning of the week to put the Christmas decorations in the attic by the weekend. Well, Friday rolls around and I got impatient. Sara was having a garage sale at our house and I needed some floor space to make room for her stuff. So I decided I could go ahead and get a jump on it. Well, I was doing good waiting on the big stuff but once I got up there I saw a bunch of junk that Sara could sale so I piled it all by the entrance and then stepped over it to go down the ladder. Next thing I knew I was hung up in the boards and realized I had fallen through the sheetrock. Anything I had for sale was going to go into Sara's stash so now after paying for the newspaper advertisement and making a mess of the ceiling, this garage sale cost me! I told Sara that next time, I'll GIVE her a $100 bucks NOT to have one. Of course, Mom says at least now if I need something put in the attic, I can just toss it up in the hole. :)

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