Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Miscellaneous Update

Today was week one on Weight Watchers. I truly have not been starving myself and have even eaten out several times. The good news is I weighed in this morning and was down by 4.8 pounds. I know it won't be this much every week but as long as it goes down and not up I'll be happy. I began walking today to help with the process. I walked 3 miles and it didn't even kill me! Posting on the blog is making me feel more accountable... afterall everyone can read it and cheer me on. As I was walking today, I kept thinking that one day this year, Geoff and I will be walking up the Great Wall of China and then a few days later carrying a baby all over China. That's pretty good incentive too!

I've also begun working on letters to send out to friends and family. As soon as the dossier is headed to China, I want to send out some letters about the 100 Good Wishes quilt. Those of you who scrapbook, will be able to make your own page for the book. Those of you who just want to send a scrap of fabric and a wish can do just that. This is the project that will help us pass the time as we wait for our little angel.

Finally, HEAR this... and hold me to it if I ever regress!!! I, Wanda, promise to NEVER, EVER... EVER... EVER buy anything else from an infomercial. Over the break, I got sucked into watching those things and totally must have been hypnotized because I ordered the Nicer Dicer and a starter kit for Bare Minerals makeup. Well, the make up came quickly and tried it. When I finished making up my face, I literally looked like my skin was melting off my face. Back to the company it went. Well, today I have used my Nicer Dicer for the 2nd time. I was making the Weight Watchers Taco Soup that I absolutely love, and went to use my Nicer Dicer to chop the onion. I tell you THAT was more of a work out than my 3 mile walk. I pushed and pushed and pressed my entire body weight against that stupid thing to chop my onion. I could have done it more quickly myself! In the infomercial they did NOT show anyone struggling to make the thing work. They so easily chopped anything they wanted. No elbow grease, no body slams, just plain ease. I had to slice up my onion in several pieces to chop it and when you do all of that, you may as well have chopped up the stupid thing. So... now hear this... NO MORE BEING SUCKED INTO INFOMERCIAL FOR ME!!

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