Sunday, January 08, 2006

Picky... Picky... PICKY!!

Parts of this week end have been maddening! Pam from the dossier service called me Friday evening because she had been working on our dossier. Well, three things needed work. (1) Our pictures didn't have enough close-ups, (2) our letter to the Chinese gov't was missing the statement that we would never ever abuse, neglect, or abandon our daughter and that we would respect her cultural heritage, and (3) our medical information identified some areas of concerns. Geoff's form indicated that he had a benign tumor removed from his foot when he was 10 years old, and mine stated that I was taking medicine for high blood pressure. Basically, she wanted us to redo those forms and leave that info off. I didn't think much of it until Saturday. Then I realized that our homestudy has all of that information in it. So of course, my mind went wild with thoughts of having to redo the homestudy and resubmit to USCIS. I got busy emailing Pam and Mei with all of my worries. Mei is our adoption counselor. We went to Savannah to run some errands and by the time I came home, I had email from her and even got another call from Pam. Mei thought the pictures were fine and that the medical stuff will be no problem. She said she would write a letter in Chinese to put with our dossier. Pam suggested that we get a letter from a new doctor (because our doctor that did the initial paperwork has moved) and have him write that my blood pressure is under control (which it is). It's totally amazing the hurdles we must overcome and the stress it causes.

Other news . . . I'm going back on Weight Watchers! I figured if I posted it here, I'd feel more accountable. It's time to get off the pounds I've piled on since we began the IVF cycles. Plus I've got to be in shape to climb the Great Wall of China and haul Lexi all over the place. I never had any blood pressure problems until IVF. I think that maybe the hormones and other drugs they gave me combined with the stress of the entire process helped me pack on the pounds which then caused the blood pressure to go up. We shall see. I'm starting NOW!

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Yvonne said...

Way to go Wanda! I have been saying that I am going back to Weight Watchers, too - but can't find the motivation - plus I feel the need to do it with someone else - even though last time I did it all by myself and lost 25 pounds! Hopefully I can get motivated and start going to the meetings again.