Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Getting Warmer!

When I was little girl, we used to play a hiding go seek game where when we got closer to finding the target, the person who had hid it would say "warmer".. "warmer"... "hotter"... your "on fire!!"... and then you found it! If you were off, we did the "cooler"... "cold"... "freezing" thing. Today we got an email that reminded me of that game. I feel like we are not only getting warmer.... we are getting HOT! We got this message from Pam today.

Hi Wanda and Geoff,
FINALLY got the homestudy back from GA SOS this morning!!!!!! So....all your GA docs are on their way to the Houston courier. She will receive the docs tomorrow....walk them in on Friday and pick them up on Wed, 1/25. I will have them on Thur, 1/26. Your completed dossier will be at your agency on Friday, Jan 27. This is the plan....pray that all goes as expected.
Your Washington DC docs are due back tomorrow.
How are you handling the final payment to your agency???
Also, please email me the address and name of the person that is to receive your completed dossier.
Looks like you'll make the Jan 30 mailing to China....keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!
Pam E.

This was great news! It's not going to be a bid deal if we have to wait until Feb. 10th but I can say I would really LOVE to have it mailed off on the 30th!

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