Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Busy Morning Part 2: More Blessings

After the successful dr. visit today and finding the documents that needed to be certified waiting on the porch, I decided to go to Geoff's office and get a jump on finishing the notarizing of the corrected personal statement and the statement that we were turning in an authentic copy of the CIS approval (the original goes with us to China... which I think needs to go into the firesafe along with our passports tonight). I didn't want to have to go to the court house but once and I needed his signature on those forms so decided to go get the money needed to certify the documents from the bank while I waited for Geoff to get in from a client's office. I hadn't even turned into our bank and he called. I must have just missed him. So I get this and drive to the court house. I was sent to 3 offices before they got it right (explaining why I was there 3 times). Then the woman I needed to talk to wasn't sure what I needed. We finally figured it out and she completed a certification of the notary (Geoff's secretary) for the dossier to assure that we indeed did use a notary that was licensed in Ga., was in good standing, and her license did not expire within a year. After going through all of that, I was worried that something may be wrong, so I called Pam on my way home. YES... there was something WRONG. I only had one of these documents and I needed 9 of them! One for each piece of paper... stapled to the document. By this time, it's time for me to be at work. I called in and was told I could stretch it to 12:30 and still have to only take 1/2 a day off. So I rush back to court house and go back to the woman and explain what I need. Not a problem. We got it and I left with papers stapled and a package ready for FedEx. Here's a blessing in the whole process. . . Pam told me that our county would charge me $2 per document ($18 total). They didn't charge me anything, even though I asked and told them they were supposed to charge me (you know this is an example of my conscious telling me not to lie, cheat, or knowingly do anything wrong that would cause me to be punished for it later on in such a way that would delay or keep me from getting Lexi... and yes, I know our God is a kind God and not a god of vengeance but yet, I still worry just ask Geoff about having to return a 49cent package of ornaments hangers to Lowe's that I forgot to pay for)! After I left the court house, I was beginning to feel a bit "fried". I didn't want to go to work before mailing the FedEx package of our documents, which will now be mailed to the Secretary of State to be certified that the superior Clerk of Court, that today certified that the notary is really a notary, is really a Superior Clerk of Court. Got that ??? Big mouthful which means basically that everyone is being certified that they are who they say they are.

I drove drop off the FedEx package at where I thought Geoff told me to, fought noontime military traffic, only to find myself at the UPS store. When I walked in I told the lady that I was losing my mind. She told me where to go and only then did I remember where Geoff had really told me to go. You know, when I finally dropped that package off... it was a huge relief but somehow I thought I should hear a band playing some kind of congratulatory music.

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