Monday, January 30, 2006

We are official

We received the official word today that as Wanda would put it, DTC (in adoption lingo that is Dossier To China). That means in regular person speak that we are about halfway there, according to the steps on our timeline. It didn't seem like the paperwork was going to be that much of a time consuming process, but at last we are finally done. Now believe it or not the next step is waiting some more.

Please Note: The following is my version of today's news. Read it and guess who runs around the house showing excitement and who expresses their excitement with a big quiet smile.

Today was one of the days that we have been waiting on since July 17th, 2005 (approximately 6 1/2 months). Our dossier was mailed to China today via UPS!! Now we can join many others in the adoption process who are DTC !! The picture above doesn't even begin to summarize the paper chase we have endured but there it is . . . 13 official documents. Everyone keeps asking when we will go get her. Our best estimate is that she will be a nice Christmas vacation trip and the best Christmas present we've ever gotten. I'm so excited and can't wait to hear from our adoption agency when our official log in date (LID) will be. The sooner we get logged in to adopt, the sooner we will get our sweet Lexi home.

After work today, I ran to Classic Country to get Geoff some Yankee Candle air freshener refills for his office to keep it from having that old building smell and found a little ceramic wall hanging that said, "May this child grow with grace, and may the light of the Lord shine upon her path". I thought this was the most amazingly appropriate thing to buy for her room, especially today. I do pray that the Lord will shine upon her path will keep her safe and sound not only until we bring her home but for the rest of her precious life. This just may have to be part of my wish for her that will go into her 100 Wishes Book.

And speaking of the 100 Good Wishes Quilt. I went to the post office today and bought every Chinese New Year stamp they had (along with just as many 2 cent stamps so I could use them). I'm working on sending out instructions for friends and family to help us with the quilt. I'm probably going to wear out this old printer but so far so good. I'll have them out as soon as I can. I will mail a few tomorrow. Mom is ready to get started and so am I!!

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Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I see your starting to collect for the quilt. I'm also in the process, so if you want to exchange squares let me know.