Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Christmas on Halloween! Our Secret Pal Revealed!

Yesterday, we got a notice from the post office that we had two packages waiting there. Knowing that it was time to reveal secret pals, I just knew the packages were from ours. I begged Geoff to go pick them up this morning and bring them to me at work but he couldn't. I had to wait all day! So when he got home with them today, I couldn't wait to open them.

As you can see, our SP wraps packages that are not short of tape! I had to use a knife to get in them and put some elbow grease behind it. She must have gotten lessons from my daughter Sara!

Turns out, our secret pal was no "stranger"! Ours was Carol and Bill! How exciting and funny! We've been buying for each other all this time! This is after we opened everything. The package included two dresses, a pants outfit, a pad of stickers with Lexi's name on a bunch of different stickers (something we thought we'd never see because everything we have seen with Lexi spelled on it has the e at the end), a cute little ladybug sign, and an Infant-to-Toddler feeding set! (This is ultra nice! We have a modern type dining room set that has a counter-top height table and tall chairs. This will be perfect Lexi so she'll be at our height!) It felt like opening packages at Christmas. The outfits had a special note that explained the outfit choices.
There was a cute blue jean outfit was for "shopping for "Bling" with Mommy! I'm sure my fellow Precious Pandas would love this!
This daisy dress is for "the perfect little tea party for the THREE" of us.
A ladybug dress for "twirling for Daddy!" It's so adorable!

This sign says "County Your Blessings". I love the ladybugs of course! And everytime I see it, I'll be reminded of my wonderful secret pals and what a blessing they are and have been to us!
Included in the package with instructions to open last were a pair of glasses. I was certainly confused of this item until I read the reveal letter. At the very end of a very nice letter was a the statement "I hope my rose-colored glasses serve you well!" Carol has been the most positive person on our Yahoo Group. She swore up and down last spring that they would be going to get Emily this fall even as the wait grew longer and longer! She kept refering to her "Rose colored glasses". I have to say I'll HAPPILY and GRATEFULLY wear them. I put them right on! Don't they look so nice with my new haircut! I'll have to try to not sit on these in the car! :)

I also had to post this picture of the mess Sable made with the tissue paper that wrapped the outfits. My title reflected how I felt like it was Christmas... well, Sable agreed. This is what she loves to do with Christmas paper. She had a ball!

Carol and Bill leave for China in the morning. I am so happy for them. I can't wait to hear Emily stories. I also can't wait to introduce our daughters one day. We will go to the Mid-West to meet them one day. We have been so blessed and I hope they can somehow know how much we love and appreciate them.

Oh, and there was one more thing. It was a feather decorated with beautiful ribbons tied with heart in the middle. It had a poem next to it. I'll finish this post with it. I teared up reading it and can just feel our special connection. It just gives me chills.

An Angel's Touch...


The other day I looked above

and saw an Angel near

I asked for a favor for someone I love

and hoped my message was clear.

Please Angel,

let my Friend see

She's loved so very much

And Angel

will you promise me

to let her feel your touch.

The Angel spoke and moved my way

That's when it's feather fell...

"This gift is yours to

give her this day,

It proves my promise well."

So sweet! Thank you Carol and Bill from the bottom of my heart!

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