Sunday, October 29, 2006

We actually made it to our 8th month of waiting. I knew it was coming but missed it this month. Good thing. It means I was busy and not obscessing. As bad as I hate to say it, our wait may be at the half-way mark. Our agency is telling new people that the wait from LID is anywhere from 14 - 16 months. I still hope it will shorten but right now I've somehow managed to mentally prepare for not having a referral until around June. That would mean traveling in August or September. And if she will be between 8 - 12 months that means Lexi has probably been born or will be soon. Geoff had a dream a couple of weeks ago that we had Lexi. She had pigtails and walked on her tippy toes. We just keep on dreaming day and night that the upcoming holidays will really be last ones we have to go through without her.


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

They will be the last holidays without her! They really, really will! How do I know this? Cos we are in the same boat as you and I REFUSE to think it will take that long!
Congratulations on your 8th month lid-versary

Kim M. said...

8 months under our belt! I believe these our the last holidays with out our girls! I truly feel that! Hang in there girl!!!

Your Precious Panda Buddy