Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Here it is Halloween 2006. So what's it like at our house tonight? Interesting! Geoff is at the front door stalking for trick or treaters. Not to scare them or anything, just to keep them from ringing the doorbell and driving the dogs nuts. Of course, we have them in the bedroom chewing on a chewstick.

When we do get trick or treaters, he lets me know and we both go to the door. It drives Geoff crazy when they skip us! He cracks me up because he NEVER, EVER comes home without first turning on the tv but tonight, he's been too involved with the trick or treaters. Before the kids started coming we agreed to give them 4 pieces of candy but when the kids come and he grabs a handful of the candy!

This has been fun. We actually got to tell the people we "Booed" who we were. The funny thing was they had NO IDEA!

We had a couple come to our house with about a 9 month old baby dressed as a baby bear. So how do you know when you are ready for a baby? When you ooh and awh over the baby bear and want to tell them that this is our last Halloween without Lexi and to come on in and see the nursery. (I wanted to... but I didn't!)

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Matt said...

Thanks for sharing so much on your blog. I'm sure that you're going to be wonderful parents. Best wishes.