Sunday, October 22, 2006

My New Secret Pal Strikes for October!

It's funny all the things we (as in the adoption community) do to make the time pass the wait. Our Jan. DTC Yahoo Group has begun another Secret Pal Swap for those of us who wanted to continue having a SP. Orginally, we thought we'd have our daughters by now so the first SP swap was due to end in November. So of course, I signed up!

Yesterday, I got my first package from my new SP. This month's theme was "Toys to Take to China". My SP did such a great job! Everything is just perfect for taking along to China. I have to say she made my day yesterday. I was sort of down in the dumps over the seemingly ever increasing wait and was feeling a bit under the weather. It really helped lift my spirits!

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Jenna said...

Mom bought John-Michael that same book. It was one of his favorites when he was little.