Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Goodies from the ECG Panda Trip!

Here are some tidbits from the Philly Trip...

Some of the girls brought some gift items for the trip. Here's some of my stash!

Let's test my memory (ECG please correct me if I am wrong) .... the notepad, pen and magnets are from Melissa. The candy bar was part of Stephe's goody bag which was filled with all kinds of useful items! (I ate the Butterfinger mini's on the plane on the way home!) The teddy bear, take-out box, fan magnet, chopsticks, and rubber ducky are from Lori (my dear roomie!).

Awww... the Magic Cone is from Sheryl. The magic cone gift made a very funny, memorable moment at Stephe's house. As a group, we had discussed the magic cone and it's usefulness (OR NOT) in China. Sheryl ordered us all one for our trip and of course, about made us pee our pants when she gave them to us!!

This is my China Teddy Bear as he is now... wearing my "bling" from Kathy. We wore these all weekend too! We also had tiara's from Hope AND Sheryl.

And of course, this is my dear China Teddy again before I rescued him from Muffin. As soon as I took him out of my suitcase, Muffin tried to claim him as her own. Of course, I had to rescue the poor Teddy!

We ate well also! We had, Texas Salsa from Cheryl, Derby Pies made by Hope from Kentucky, Whoopie Pies made by Kathy from N.H., and a delicious dinner of baked Ziti and meatballs made by Susan from FL. I brought pralines from Savannah Sweets. I had the best Hoagie I've ever tasted in Philly in the market and tasted cannolis for the first time. Yum! I, however, did not taste the China take out lunch that they sold on the streets of Chinatown. It was two flavors (sweet and salty) of rice with meat wrapped in a Lotus leaf and tied up with some kind of string. $1.00. Price was right... but my courage was not.


Kim M. said...

We had such fun! Miss Ya!


Shannon S said...

What fun you all had! Interesting cone-thingie...