Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feverish Baby Tonight

Shots proved to be rough on Lexi Jayne. She woke from her nap this afternoon really cranky and irritable. I immediately knew that dinner out would not be a good idea so I called our guide. When we took her temperature it 100 degrees. We had given her Motrin right after we got back to the room so we had to wait awhile to give her more. We entertained her enough to get by but even the playroom tonight was too much for her. Her little thighs are sore and probably her arms too. She had two shots in one arm, one in the other, and one on each leg. We put her down early tonight but she keeps crying in her sleep. I have a feeling tonight will be a long night. It's heart breaking to see our little girl not feeling well.

We didn't eat dinner tonight but I did eat some of Fire Dragon fruit. I've never seen or heard of it before but they have it on the breakfast buffet here. I tasted it at breakfast one morning and it reminds me of Kiwi fruit but not as flavorful. The consistency to me is kind of like a cantaloupe. I like it a lot! I asked our guide what it is called and she told me it is Fire Dragon fruit and then the next time we saw her she brought me two of them. They are really a beautiful fruit. So after we put LJ down, I decided it would make a good dinner.

As I've pittled away tonight I looked it up on the Internet. Apparently this is a fruit that is gaining popularity. Check these out for more info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_fruit


Karen said...

Hi Wanda & Geoff & Lexi!

I am just catching up on your story - and have to say Lexi is so beautiful. I have been sitting here with tears rolling down my face while reading your journey. ( months ago, I was at the White Swan for two weeks as well to get Becky, and reading about your time there has been so wonderful!

Your baby is beautiful & your family is together - how awesome!

Karen Yingling (part of the CWA family)

Jenna said...

Can you bring dragon fruit back with you?