Thursday, March 12, 2009

Motherhood the 2nd Time Around

Wow! It's almost 7 am and Lexi is asleep STILL! I've adjusted to the jet lag but since we've gotten her I've been up early and it seems now by 5:30 my Mommy Clock says it is time to get up. It's been a whirlwind of activity since we got home. I have become an awful blogger even though my intentions are to continue to document as much as I can. We continue to learn more about our precious daughter every day. I was very run down yesterday because she had a terrible night sleeping. I was in her room comforting her for hours. She is a very sleepy girl by 8 pm and although we try to get her to stay up until about 9 so she can have Daddy time sometimes her body just gives out and she will lay down and sleep. So we must let her go. She has even already fallen asleep in the high chair at dinner time!

We have established family dinner time. No TV on just concentrating on being a family and eating together. Geoff and I are on the "New Baby Weight Loss Plan". We eat a LOT less food at dinner time as we tend to Lexi. I made dinner Tuesday night and this is how it went. I made a spicy pasta for us and a pasta with chicken pieces in it for LJ. I made her the cutest little plate with her pasta, a few Lima beans, cut up tomatoes, and Mandarin oranges. I put Lexi in the high chair. She put a piece of chicken in her mouth, took it out and threw it at me. (This is what she does when she dislikes something or is "all done".) Then she ate a piece of pasta. Next she went for the Lima beans... threw them. Picked out the chicken...threw them. Just threw the tomatoes. Tasted a mandarin orange, spit it out and began throwing. I kept making a pile on a plate and during this time she decided the plate was a toy and tried to dump it. I transferred the foot directly to the highchair table. In the end, she ate PASTA. This girl tickles me! Meanwhile the dogs find this a glorious time because they are waiting for some flying food to hit the ground! This morning I tried to let her feed herself some applesauce. This was funny. She ended up with a spoon in each hand, applesauce in her hair, and all over her face. I ran interference with a third spoon!

Yesterday, we went shopping with Granny to buy shoes. Lexi tolerated her car seat extra well and just fusses when you put her in. We had to run to the Dr. to drop off stool samples (that's another story!) and let them look at her arm. She hates anyone in a doctors office that touches her! So then we headed to Stride Rite and bought shoes. She was a champ and loved trying on shoes! (A girl's got to have good shoes!) We bought two pair with one of them having strings. The sales lady tried to get me to buy these handy little things that cup over the strings so that little ones don't trip over shoe strings. They had bells so I said no. Well, we were not in the mall for more than an hour and little LJ had untied her double knotted shoe strings TWICE. So needless to say, we went back and bought the things! She loves her new kicks! Last night she walked all over the house in them. I guess they give her a lot more stability because boy did she go!!

We also visited FLE yesterday. Lexi was a HUGE HIT! She was a bit shy at first but then showed them her lively personality! She disappointed a few people there who wanted to hold her but at this point she refuses most everyone. This is a great sign though that she is bonding. She tickled me when she would tease someone and walk just to their grasp and then turn around and run to Mommy! Mrs. Moody's class had made me some beautiful signs and put them up in the Computer Lab. I will post pictures of them soon. I didn't have my camera with me yesterday. I thought they were super sweet to do this for us. The signs even had a few hidden hearts in them.

Motherhood is great the second time around ... 26 1/2 years later! We love Lexi so much and she has brought so much joy to our family. We are truly blessed to have this precious girl in our life!

This is "ALL DONE" Lexi!

P.S. I've been working on this post since 6:00 am. It's now 12:15 here. So I hope all of you who have been telling me you miss my posts... I hope you ENJOY! I am trying to get better!


mumma to many said...

Great to hear you are all settling in! Parenthood is always fun! sounds like a busy start back! Hope you have loads of down time with miss LJ!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Linda said...

Wow, running shoes!!! She is looking so good and is so adorable. Post when you can. I know from Donna how hard it is to try to do it all.. The little ones need you so much more right now. Linda

Tracy D. said...

I'm sorry I missed y'all..I've been waiting to see her. I'm away at a conference, so maybe next time!

Jenna said...

I see the washcloth is still in tow. How cute!