Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Paperwork complete(?)

I leave a question mark their only to say that we should be done, but until we get the call tomorrow, or no call will do too, that their are no questions about our paperwork from the consulate, we will be done! Today it was like I had never prepared paperwork on my own before. Line by line, space by space, what do I put for my name? I will say we brought more paperwork than we needed. The checklist we had must have been for the non-Hague families. Our paperwork we needed was much easier. Complete the checklist, then the application. The only thing missing was our original of the I-800, it arrived after we left and after the 7th correction was made to it. How hard is it to get the name right on a little girl that has 8 letters in it. Fix it in one spot, but not the next... blah, blah, blah. It should be alright though, the guides did not indicate that it would be a problem. For the next couple of days our guide will change, or at least our guide at the consulate will. Seems as if we are not the only one who is waiting on paperwork to be completed. Hopefully at this time tomorrow, we will be completely done with paperwork, at least for the moment. Can't forget the re-adoption in the U.S.!

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