Monday, March 30, 2009

Night, Night!

Okay, watching her grow is amazing! Just look at this photo.... she has a belly now! That was so not there in China! In the picture she was trying to comb her hair! She is still fitting best in 3 months bottoms (this is a 3-6 months Gymboree skirt and a 6 months Carter's top). Can you say adorable?

She has changed so much already. Well, tonight we were changing her together just before time to go "night night". All of sudden she started saying "night, night, night, night, night, night, etc..." so much so that she bit her tongue by accident. She started to cry and then began to laugh. We just were so excited to hear her! She can say Da-Da, MaMa, dah! (dog), a version of "thanks", no, ba ba (Chinese for Father), and kah (cat). Night, night was such a surprise and so sweet! The more she said it the more we laughed, the more she said it. I immediately called her Granny to see if she would keep saying it. She did but a little more quietly but loudly enough for her to hear. Then when she did actually go to bed, she said it again!

Night, night! Let's hope for a repeat performance tomorrow night.


Lisa and Tate said...

How cute!!! Love the little tummy and the night night. What a cute smart girl!

mhsands said...

She loves her mommy's cook'in!