Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lexi's First Visit to Church

(I know, I know... I go days without blogging and then bombard you ... that's Motherhood for ya!)

Anyhow, we took Lexi to church today. She was such a big hit! So many people have prayed for us during the wait. To finally bring her to church was a dream come true. We didn't get down the hall before finding people who just couldn't wait to see her! We knew better than to try to confine her in a pew during the worship service so we let her Granny stay with her in the nursery. They gave us a beeper just in case she went into meltdown mode and I kept watching Geoff's pocket for it to go off.... finally during the last song, I slipped out to go to her. Turns out, our little one was (and I QUOTE!) "the best baby in the nursery"! They swore they were not just telling me that. She played with the other babies, she even shared! Mom ended up holding another baby instead of Lexi! She even surprised us and voluntarily reached out to Jimmy (the associate pastor) on her own. He was so funny and said, "she knows a Papa when she sees one!".

So afterwards we decided to brave the day and take her to the China Buffet. We have not taken her there since we returned and I wanted to show her to the owner's wife and all the sweet ladies there. They were so taken with her referral pictures and I've been eager for them to meet her. She did just fine! She even ate broccoli for lunch! She's a Mama's girl for sure!

When we got home she changed into a cute pair of overalls and her sun glasses!

These sunglasses were the source of bedtime crying last night. While looking for socks to put her Lexi's feet, Geoff found them and put them on her. Boy did she love them and came out just beaming! When we took them off for bed, she cried for them! She is so funny in them! I guess we'll be taking these out for our next walk in the neighborhood!


Stephe said...

You look like a very PROUD MAMA! Great pics!

Wanda and Geoff said...

Thanks Stephe! I am a VERY PROUD MAMA!


mhsands said...

I am sorry I missed you Monday! I have been having ear trouble (sorry to repeat if you have been reading the blog)... hope you come back soon!