Sunday, March 01, 2009

Our first doctor visit

The rash our little princess has was getting worse when we woke up on Saturday morning. It was spreading down her little body, and around her neck. She was being a pretty good trooper about it since she was not scratching it. We brought some liquid benadryl but no cream to put on it. After breakfast we decided that we needed to go ahead and see a doctor. We had two choices, the ER or the clinic here at the White Swan hotel. The clinic was our first choice since it was closest and the doctor spoke some English. The visit went well and the doctor even told us how smart our little girl is. He believes it is some sort of allergy, maybe food but we are not sure. She has tried lots of things since we have been here, but nothing special sticks out about the day before we noticed the rash. He gave us some cortizone cream and the made up some vitamins to give her. He also wanted us to continue with the Benadryl.

Her Aunt Carolyn also did some internet research and we believe we found what she has. Turns out it is some form of allergy that can be caused by numerous things, including stress. It is much better now and going away fast. The redness is gone as is any scratching. The bumps are going down as well. So far so good. If we could only get her to like her bath.

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