Thursday, March 12, 2009

Play Date With The Boys!

Sara brought the boys over to play today. Of course, Christopher Evan mostly slept but I did get his first picture in Lexi's pink high chair! Goodness knows that Brennen has had a many pictures taken in that chair! CE is getting cuter every day! He is a precious little baby!

Meanwhile, Lexi and Brennen played with the Clipo set. Lexi was more intrigued by the Tupperware container than the actual Clipos.

Brennen shared his trucks with Lexi and was really patient with her. This from a 20 month old with a short fuse was just precious! Brennen likes to line his trucks up just right and Lexi kept messing with them. He was a trouper though and shared!

It was fun to watch Lexi with her nephews! I know that sounds so funny! But she is an Auntie! I really enjoyed having BOTH my girls in the house with me today as well as both Grandbabies! Never in a million years could I have dreamed this up when I was 20 and about to give birth to Sara! But at this point in my life, it feels sooooo right!

And I close with one more picture of pure preciousness!

(Tomorrow... Lexi's first visit to Daddy's office!)


Shannon said...

Wonderful pictures. C.E. is very handsome and B is such a good sharer! Wow, Lexi's got some good nephews! That last picture is the sweetest! =)

Wanda and Geoff said...

Shannon, that's my favorite one too! Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby??